Duke Corneus

Duke of Lindsey (Leicester to Lincoln)


Coat of Arms: Or, and Eagle displayed vert

The Duke of Lindsey, or “The Reluctant Vassal” as he is often called; some what unfairly, as constant raids around Lincoln have tied up his forces for years. The recent death of Duke Lucius has removed a valuable ally from his northern borders,straining his ability to assist the king still further .

The Duke most often resides in Leicester. He is a widower, whose wife and son both died in child birth. He has yet to re-marry, though it is rumored he has made requests to marry the daughter of Earl Rodderick, the young Lady Elana. she is now (489 AD) 15 years old and of marriageable age. This would form a strong alliance between two houses of the second tier.

For now his young nephew Derfal is set to inherit his lands and titles.


Duke Corneus

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