Duke Gorlois

Duke of Cornwall


Coat of arms: Sable, a cheveron gules, three lions heads erased gules

Chaste = 16
Energetic = 16
Valorous = 21

Loyalty (Vassals) = 16
Love (Ygraine) = 18
Hate (Irish) = 16

Awareness = 19
First Aid = 16

Battle = 20
Horsemanship = 19
Sword = 19
Lance = 21

Rides a charger (6d6 damage)


Duke Gorlois is a grizzled veteran of many fights, battles, and wars. He was the first from Cornwall to support Aurelius Ambrosius, who honored Gorlois with this dukedom, and has since defended it from Irish raiders and Cornwall plunderers.

Gorlois is noted for his loyalty to his beautiful wife and his tremendous personal courage. However, he is getting old and has suffered many wounds — his sword is sharp, but his arm is weak. (He has lost stats from aging.)

Glory: 8,914

Died in the Battle of Castle Terabil 491 AD

Duke Gorlois

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