Father Dewi

Fanatic, the Waterman


Pious = 19
Love (God) = 21


He went on pilgrimage to the Holy Land and returned with sacred relics, including the altar Christ used at the Last Supper and a piece of the True Cross. More importantly, he brought back a desire to establish the monastic tradition of the desert hermits into his homeland.

He is is intent on instituting a system of rigorous monasticism based upon the Order set up by the Desert Fathers (ignoring the fact that whilst acceptable in a desert climate; its is less so in the damp and chilly Wales!)

He is called the “Waterman” because he forbade all alcoholic beverages to his order. His order has attracted many followers and has spread from its corner of Cambria to Ireland, Cumbria, Cornwall, and Brittany.

Father Dewi

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