Shire Reeve of Salisbury


Noted skills/traits & Passions

Intrigue = 18
Stewardship = 18
Read (Latin) = 16
Courtesy = 16

Lustful = 17
Selfish = 16


Gerefa is a well dressed man, who proudly sports the golden chain of his office. He is responsible for the management of all the reeves of each hundred in Salisbury, and it is his duty to ensure both the Earl and the King the tax and service due to them from the Yeomen, Villeins and Cotters of Salisbury.

When needed he can demand the service of local knights and lineage men to aid him in his duties, though as a common man he is always careful to ‘demand’ in the most polite of terms.

The small folk live in terror of a visit from a shire reeve, and prefer to deal with their own local reeve as much as possible.

Gerefa is always accompanied by several stout Yeomen who are loyal to him and well equipped with cudgels, staves, bows and axes.


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