Sprouting thick black hair from the most unlikley of places


Staff = 13
Spear= 13
Bow = 13
Brawling = 14

Industry = 16
Hunting = 14

Suspicious = 16 (+5 Vs nobles)


Yeoman Gruffud of Sarum is a burly chap, with excessive hair in all locations! Despite his resemblance to a rug, he is a shrewd man, an able farmer and hunter, and happily provides his annual service as a fighting man each year – more often than not his service is given as assistance to Gerefa and he his surprisingly knowledgeable about the seedier side of common life. In trickier cases Gerefa calls on him for aid in sniffing out the truth.

He has a habit of constantly chewing apples, and often uses uses this as a delaying tactic before answering questions. He is predisposed to be suspicious of everyone,and especially mistrusts all nobles (probably with good cause!)


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