King Uther

King of Logres


Glory: 27,750 (+27 to recognise)

Str = 16

Energetic = 18
Valorous = 19

Love (Family) = 18
Hate (Saxons) = 18

Awareness = 16
First Aid = 18
Intrigue = 23
Lance = 18
Sword = 18
Battle = 20
Horsemanship = 17

Rides a charger (6d6 damage)


Coat of Arms: Vert, dragon rampant with dragon rampant reverse (Or)

King Uther was a fierce warlord who has fought for years to keep his throne. He ruled well until well into his fourties; and spent little time doing anything but practicing his skills as a warrior. He was a half-hearted British Christian, but also respected the pagan faith and the druids who practice it.

Distinctive Features: Red hair, Powerful physique.

After becoming besotted with the Duchess Ygraine of Cornwall, he led the country into civil war in order to have her for himself. This marked that beginning of the end of the once great man.

His sons dead or abducted, his enchanted sword Excalibur missing, bereft of his life long adviser Merlin, he stumbled from disaster to disaster.

Eventually he died of poison after securing victory, at great cost, at the Battle of St Albans in 495 AD.

His body is buried at Stonehenge, along with his older brother Ambrosius Pendragon and his eldest son Prince Madoc.

King Uther

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