Lady Ellen

Countess of Salisbury


23 in 485 AD

Con 17
Stewardship = 17
Battle = 11
Siege = 15

Courtesy 17
Industry 17

Chaste 17
Temperate 19

Loyalty Salisbury = 16
Love (Family) = 17


Lady Ellen is an attractive woman and knows it. She is a very competent leader, and is respected for ability to organise both the mundane day to day operations of castle life, and to organise an effective defense when needed.

She is devoted to Rodderick

after the death of her husband at the battle fo St Albans, and the subsequent years fo rejecting mutiple suitors, she has outgrown her more tepeestious ways of her youth, and is developing a great reputation for her sobriety and chastity

Lady Ellen

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