Lady Gwiona

The Cursed, The Death of Love


Hunting = 16
Horsemanship = 16
Chirgury = 16
Fairy lore = 18


Lady Gwiona was born in 462, and should have been married years ago.

She has been betrothed on five separate occasions,and every time her soon to be husbands have died under mysterious circumstances. Normally she would be a welcome daughter in any family, as she brings with her a dowry of 2 manors in the vale of Swanborough.

But there have been no suitors for her in recent years, and she has become fey and obsessed with death. She is an accomplished huntress, and is known to frequent the woods of KinwardStone and has, according to the gossip, even been seen frequenting Camelot woods with Maera Peg.

in 498 AD, to avoid a forced marriage to a Saxon on the orders of King Cerdic, she wasmarried at last to Sir Sewyl , all hope they will have many happy years together.

their union is obviously blessed as they have had a son in the same summer that they got married

Lady Gwiona

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