Arch Druid

Special: Merlin is the only person alive who can
use every magical Talent

Chaste = 24
Generous = 18
Honest = 19
Pious (‘Otherworldly’) = 19

Love (Britain) = 24

Stats – Merlins stats are not spectacular; but are always magically enhanced to supernatural levels… e.g his movement stat = 7 (faster than most horses!)

Awareness = 22
Chiurgery = 20
Courtesy = 21
First aid = 24
Folklore = 21
Hunting = 21
Religion (Pagan) = 21
Read (any) = 21
Magical disarm = 26

Distinctive Features: Long grey hair and beard.

Glory: 14,452 (+14 to recognize)

Merlin the Magician is a middle-aged man with great magical powers who serves as an adviser to King Uther. He is steeped in the Druidic lore of Britain, wise and mysterious, and rightly feared and respected by everyone with good sense. Merlin’s lord is Britain, not the king, though he helps Uther in many ways.

Merlin is capable of performing any magic known in Britain, whether British Christian or Druidic, Roman Christian, or Gnostic; he even knows something of Egyptian magic.

Merlin is now a wanted fugitive of the Kingdom of Logres due to his kidnapping of the royal babe on the night of their brith. In turn his treachery almost led to the death of many men who had more than once proved their loyalty until Uther stayed his hand knowing that these men had all acted with honest intentions little realising the grand affair that Merlin had already began.

Merlin’s whereabouts are unknown and Sir Brastias is searching for the Druid so that the heir to the throne can be crowned.


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