Sir Brychan Eurion

Scholarly Knight of Bercombe Manor, also known as 'Wolfsbane'


A stocky knight, handy enough with a sword and a fine hand with a horse.

As content browsing through literature and lore as fighting against the damnable Saxons and Picts who threaten the reign of Uther Pendragon. He has inherited a quite serious demeanour from his father, although he barely knew him before his death. His slightly younger brother is also knighted but as yet unlanded, and his younger sister is married to one Iwan, unknighted but with a small inheritance of land in his future. He is quietly delighted by his sisters children, sending along gifts for both their births, and a small toy horse commissioned especially for Angharad.

Born in 485 AD to Teleri and Iwan: Angharad, sir Brychans neice and born in 487 Garreth, his nephew.

in 487 AD was the hero of the Battle of the Wash, defeating Leofwine Fenrisget in single combat to reclaim the chalke-spear for the Hundred of Chalke and Salisbury.

Newly engaged to Lady Jenna, daughter of sir Ursal in 487, with a wedding planned in 488.

Went Missing in the year 490 AD, hunting after his missing relatives

Sir Brychan Eurion

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