Sir Cecily deDepeden

Steward of Levcomagus, Lord of Broughton & Thorngate


Courtesy = 18
Intrigue = 18
Chirgury = 16
Dagger = 19
Loyalty (lord) = 18
Hunting = 16

Coat of arms = (vert) two leaping trout (argent)


Renowned as a courtly knight, and for his loyalty to Sir Gadwick, Sir Cecily make no pretense at great marshal prowess (though he is a skilled wrestler and is always the first to step forward when scouting missions and forays into enemy lands are required).

In maters of honor, his Bannerman Sir Awli ApTubber is his strong right arm but with Alwi’s death at the hands of Sir Saravinus it now unclear as to who his new champion might be.

Sir Cecily deDepeden

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