Sir Ganis DeToureny

Six fingers on his left hand


Cruel = 19
Vengeful = 16
Arbitrary = 16
Prudent = 16

intrigue = 16

Hate family of Sir Ursal = 16

Loyalty King Cerdic (Wessex) = 17


Most well known for the six fingers on his left hand, also known as the DeTourney Curse.

Of his three young sons, only the youngest, Balin, also shows this taint. Bizarrely the DeTourney clan seem to take pride in this deformity whenever it crops up in the blood line.

as of 498 AD he is 43 years old and his three sons are

Gwilliam (15) – squired to ??
Andreas (14)
Balin (13)

Sir Ganis DeToureny

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