Sir Maddog of Ramsey

An ambitious man with a passion for sex, Domnu and hunting, in his wildest dreams, he satisfies all three passions at once, although in real life this is unlikely to happen due to Domnu's elusive nature and his inability to woo the ladies.


A short, stocky. pale man with close cut hair and beard. His eyes are grey and the dark bags underneath them. He tries his best not to sleep, to avoid what lurks in his dreams.


Sir Madog has quickly made several decisive moves to boost himself from a lowly household knight, to a wealthy Lord with a wife to boot. Firstly, he made a splash in court when he played a part in the execution of the renegade Sir Herbert of Testside, crossing swords with him on the field of battle. Although Sir Madog didn’t strike the fatal blow, he did personally delivered the traitors head to Lady Ellen who had it tarred and piked over the gates to her court. This same head would be brought out before a group of heavily armed knights surrounding Maddog and his group. It totally diffused the situation, and was presented to Lord Ulfius of Silchester. In the same year as his Knighting, it is whispered through a political alliance with Sir Ganis DeTourney, he landed himself a marriage with Aera, a wealthy widow of one of DeTourney’s knights. Although it seems that Madog does not feel as bound by marriage as many men do. This was properly demonstrated when he decided to celebrated his betrothal to Aeron with Domnu’s prophetess, Rhiannon in a most un-Christian manner. Although not before the harrowing initiation to the worship of the Lady of the Deep.

Lady Aera has come to an understanding about her husband’s religion, which has sparked her own curiosity about the Lady of the Deep. She has made a pact with her husband; to be unfaithful to her during religious ceremonies is acceptable, but if he sleeps with another woman outside of the sacrament of the deep, Sir Maddog will find himself lacking the apparatus to make the same mistake twice.

Sir Maddog of Ramsey

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