Chalke Spear

Gae Bolga

weapon (melee)

Once hit for any amount of damage (through armour) the victim is impaled

  • (counts as prone: Reflexive modifier = +5 / -5 )

Only hits successfully once, but inflict major wound regardless of damage rolled.

Can only be removed with a successful ‘Chirgury’ roll,or inflicts 6d6 damage on the way-out (no armour); even then it still inflicts 6 points of damage (zero damage if chirgury roll is a critical success).

pulling the thing out without a successful Chirgury inflicts maximum damage damage (36 points).

Originlay carried by Sir Leolinus, but lost in battle to the saxons. Recovered in the battle of the Wash by Sir Brychan Wolfsbane.

Now in the possession of Sir Emir, as lord of the hundred of Branch & Dole


This ancient bronze age dueling weapon has a series of spiraling, needle like, blades that are hinged to the main spear head.

Once it strikes a target, they say, it is impossible to pull the weapon out without killing the hapless victim.

The family of Chalke has used this weapon to resolve issues of honour for centuries

Chalke Spear

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