Ynghyd â Dau

Magical Axe

weapon (melee)

+2 axe skill, +2 damage, +1d6 damage vs shields as a one handed axe
+2 greataxe skill, + 2 damage, +1d6 damage, nullifies horseman advantage, can only be used on foot, no shield permitted as a greataxe

Successful Fairie Lore test turns this one handed axe into a two handed great axe or vica versa


This magical axe, named Ynghyd â Dau was previously owned by King Octa until it was wrestled out of his hand by Sir Saravinus Arilius the Shrike during the Battle of Lincoln (AD 485). King Octa sought the Shrike out during the Battle of St Albans, seeking to reclaim his axe but was felled jointly by Sir Haeredoc the Red, Sir Cynrig and the Shrike.

Saravinus himself whilst knowing how to use an axe prefers to use his sword instead but makes use of the axe for ceremonial purposes from his seat at Tilshead. Ynghyd â Dau has since become an heirloom of the Arilius family in the stead of the lost signet ring that had been given to Sir Saravinus’s brother Sir Urcliffe, whom died many years prior, that shall be passed onto the next in line of succession, hopefully to see glory in battle once again.

Ynghyd â Dau

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