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  • The Blade of Chalke

    It is old, and has seen many battles. But even now the quality shines through [[:sir-xtianus | Xtianus]] carried the blade, the traditional Roman Equates Sword of his family. but it was lost to the saxons in battle. [[: …

  • chalke-spear

    h1. The Spear of Chalke
    This ancient bronze age dueling weapon has a series of spiraling, needle like, blades that are hinged to the main spear head. Once it …

  • Ebble

    h1. Ebble
    h2. The Ancient Seat of Chalke This heavily fortified manor house, and the lands surrounding it, is the Seat of [[:sir-emir | Sir Emir ]] and the lord of …

  • Chalkes Men at Arms

    h1. The Heroic Men At Arms

    These stout lineage men, Freemen and Serfs of Chalke served loyally and achieved an uncommon degree of fame (perhaps that be notoriety) serving their lord during …

  • Sir Ursal

    His two sons were recently knighted in 485 AD but both died in the same year. Sir Ursal then went missing a few years later in 490 AD and is now rumored to have been turned into a great bear that is cursed to roam the woods. Sir Brychan, a favored …

  • Sir Xtianus

    On His Knighting day, was gifted with the family Blade of the Lords of Chalke by his father, Sir Ursal of Chalke. Died in the Battle of Mearcred Creek (485 AD).

  • Sir Brychan Eurion

    A stocky knight, handy enough with a sword and a fine hand with a horse. As content browsing through literature and lore as fighting against the damnable Saxons and Picts who threaten the reign of Uther Pendragon. He has inherited a quite serious …

  • Lady Jenna

    Daughter of [[:sir-ursal | Sir Ursal]], born 473 AD, hand maiden to [[:lady-ellen | Lady Ellen]]. She was a close friend to the page boy Brynn, and since his murder has been become close friends with [[:lady-elana | Lady Elana]]. Betrothed to [[:sir …

  • Sir Emir

    Since his ascension to the high seat of [[Chalke | Chalke]], Sir Emir has made a concerted effort to recover the Sword of Chalke by offering a reward for its recovery, or news that leads to its recovery.

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