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  • The winter of 489

    h1. The Dying Season

    Stormy weather on [[:sir-saravinus-arilius | Sir Saravinus Arilius]]'s lands undid the hard work of the prideful lay-preacher, who had done his best to repair the damage he had …

  • Duke Gorlois

    Duke Gorlois is a grizzled veteran of many fights, battles, and wars. He was the first from Cornwall to support Aurelius Ambrosius, who honored Gorlois with this dukedom, and has since defended it from Irish raiders and Cornwall plunderers. Gorlois is …

  • Duke Idriss

    the once lord of Amorica has declared himself king of all lands of Cornwall on both sides fo the channel, and has even managed to take Tintagel (497 AD) his young son Mark is proving to be a worthy captain and ambasador

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