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  • Upavon

    h1. Upavon
    A small small town with a well fortified manor house; its modest appearance belies its economic and military importance. A mile or so to the west is the hill fort of [[Casterly Camp]], and to the …

  • Sir Gwelder

    Although originaly a senior knight of [[Chalke | Chalke]], and still having significant holdings there in the town of Forde, his excellent stewardship of Chalke after the Lord of that hundred disappeared, has seen him raised up to be the lord of the …

  • Sir Howarth

    Sir Howarth is an unremarkable knight on the field of battle but is renowned for his care and devotion to the small people. He has lavished vast sums on the creation of hill forts to protect his people in times of trouble, and he holds regular drills to …

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