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  • Leofwine Fenrisget

    A tough warrior with a keen axe and a ready laugh, Leofwine was finest fighter in the Fenrisget clans and he carried the Chalke-Spear as recognition of his service, and because it is an ideal weapon for the Champion of the clan. Killed in the naval …

  • Cerdic Fenrisget

    Cerdic is a master of whispers. He has a knack for being liked, and for getting the best out of people. When needed he will call on other members of the clan for less subtle activities ( eg [[:wilfri-fenrisget | WilfriƐ Fenrisget]] )

  • Urtzi Fenrisget

    a young Fenrisget Captain killed on a secret mission through the lands of Salisbury. After completing several obscene rituals, including the notorious 'Blood Eagle'; he was defeated in single combat by the young knights …

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