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  • Wotanism

    h1. Wotanism
    There are three primary Saxon deities - each of which is the head of another Trypt-Arch of Gods (so nine gods in total). The number nine is sacred to Wotanic followers h2. Hávamál The …

  • Money

    h1. Money
    h2. Coins of the realm People will use any coins they can get their hands on and most coins in circulation in Logres are at least a hundred years old! As they wear down people tend to …

  • In Game Rewards

    h1. In Game Rewards h2. Work makes you free!
    h2. Definitions

    *Bene* An in game ‘fate point’: It can be traded in to either * get an automatic critical (includes …

  • Whaling

    h1. Whaling
    [[File:467577 | class=media-item-align-center | Hunting_of_sperm_whale.jpg]] Whaling can only be done at certain key locations, and only at certain times of the year. In the late summer …

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