Key Manors of Salisbury

Selected Manors of Salisbury

Death is a knights business

All knights know that sooner or later the enemy or time will take them. But family, land and the legend you leave behind? That can last forever!

In a strange way the family and its estate is the true ‘Player Character’ in KAP, and so here are the records of the PC families in the Great Pendragon, and their manorial halls. If you want to have a snap shot of our Cast and Crew, and who did what, then take a look at the players credits. These are the player families and lands of the members of the Salisbury Court.



and the family Eurion

Berwick St James

and the family Arilius


and its Stewards


and its Stewards


and the family Kellen


and the family Môrennill

Newton Tony

and its Stewards


and the family Lotha


High seat of Branch and Dole


High seat of Alderbury

Winterbourne Stoke

and the family DeChalons

Your manor here

and the family Name here

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Key Manors of Salisbury

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