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An Accounting of the Lands of logres in the Pendragon Era

Welcome to the Great Pendragon Campaign, as played through by the Role-playing and War-gaming society (RAWS) of Loughborough University. we mostly play in the academic term time, so there can be longish breaks between posts at Easter and during the summer break.

I’m taking more a break form running this game for a while (work commitments) but i hope to start again in 2016

Click a few links, search though the Inquisito Index, put your feet up, and enjoy the stories we tell

Our story begins during the reign of King Uther Pendragon, and you can find the link in the table below.

A History Of Britain and Logres

Law and Justice

PC Families & Manors

Tales from Salisbury under Uther

Tales from Salisbury during The Anarchy

Filk Songs of the Pendragon Era


Fan Art

Good form for all manuscripts

Nocturnal Site and Forums

Credit where it is due

The sage words of Greg Stafford

Inquisitio Albion index

The Court of Salisbury

The Players

The Kings Court

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