The County of Salisbury was Ruled by Earl Rodderick, ably assisted by his wife Lady Ellen and the rest of his court until his death at the St Albans in 495 AD.

Primacy amoungst the nobles of Salisbury goes to the Lord Marshal Sir Jarad, the ChamberlainBishop Rodger, The Butler Sir Edrus and then the other lords who lead the 13 Hundreds of Salisbury

By dint of his great renown, Sir Brychan Eurion and his close circle of like minded knights also carry great weight at the court.


Up until 498 AD, when the the Young Earl Robert was only nine years old, his lady mother, the countess of Salisbury was the Warden of Sarum, and ruled in his name. however to the young Earls dismay he was forced by his mother and her advisers to not only bend the knee to the Saxon King of Wessex, but also watched in helpless horror as she was wedded off to the Gwessi Saxon Theign Deowine.

Since this time there has been a significant faction of noble Saxons at the Sarum Court.

The new stone walls of Sarum will be completed by the winter of 499 AD, and whilst it may seem a bastion of protection, like any court it is a vipers nest of intrigue, Rumours and Gossip, masked by the regular routines of the Salisbury Courtly Year

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