Filk Songs of the Pendragon Era

Cymric Songs from Salisbury

A wend a Away – A lovers song popular with men at arms (lyrics by Ramsey1)

The Lullaby of Angharad – (Traditional)

The Old Steward – The Steward of Newton Tony (lyrics by BlondBadger)

Lady Aerona – The Mythical Maid of Stapleford (lyrics by Raku)

The Warlock, the Witch and the Wife – Fell tales spreading from Branch and Dole (lyrics by Raku)

Goldie ran away, away – A peasant drinking song from Branch & Dole (lyrics by Anon.)

Red Boots – a marching song of the men at arms in the service of Sir Brychan Eurion (Lyrics by Ramsey1)

O Fortuna – The most epic sounding piece of music in history (Traditional, music by Carl Orff)

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