The Levcomagus border lands

Sir Ganis DeToureny is now Lord of this Hundred.

Sir Herbert was the Lord of this Hundred until executed for treason in 497 AD

Sir Hector Primus of Cholderton was a Knight of this Hundred until his demise at the Battle of the Wash.

The two manors of Grately and Monxton are the closest to Levcomagus, and their fortified manor houses were constantly filled with willing volunteers from all over Salisbury who are keen to aid Sir Herbert and the rest of Testside against the constant raids the suffer from. Recently (~490 AD) Sir Saravinus Arilius has been a staunch supporter of the Testside knights in their battles to defend their hundred from depredation and succeeded in drawing out Sir Alwi ApTubber into an open battle where the Levcomagus knight was slain. and the borders expanded to include West Tytherly.

Before his Death Sir Saravinus underwent public penance for his role in the destruction of the ApTubber family and the unlawful seizing of the lands of the Duke of Silchester.

as of 496 AD an agreement is in place to return the lands of west Tytherly, along with additional taxation rights on those crossing the river to the new Steward of Levcomagus. There were two major stumbling blocks to this agreement being fulfilled; but they are both now rotting in a grave.

It remains to be seen if the agreement will be hold force in light of the recent death of Sir Herbert of Testside

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