The Anarchy

The Anarchy

The King is dead, the king is dead, God save us all the king is dead!

496 AD


The Aftermath: in which the peoples of Salisbury come to terms with the devastation of their leaders, and the new world order they find themselves in…

Scars, Duels and Deaths: In which the adventures of the year 496 AD are continued as our intrepid squadron of knights seek to make alliances in the new Logres, face a powerful Fenrisget Saxon, and an old friend is lost to us…

497 AD

The Treacherous Sir Herbert is plotted against in an attempt to Settle Testside .

as the year draws to a close and the harvest is gathered, it seems the troubled waters of the court of Salisbury are starting to settle once more; until three strangers appear and Heave a Stone

498 AD

The lands of Salisbury are beset by raiders and the aftershock of the return of Sir Ursal. Our intrepid squadron of knights take on the perilous task of emissary, and try desperately to avoid all out war.

On their return they are greeted with a royal welcome , their guests are feted by Sir Dolwyn Kellen, whilst leaving the Lords and Ladies of Salisbury with a difficult choice

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The Anarchy

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