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Here we record the most notable adventures of the PCs, and also acknowledge the players who played them. Each pennant you see is awarded for outstanding contribution to this web site.


Sir Tomas of Dinton, a loyal Church Knight no longer resident in these parts (485 AD to 493 AD)



Sir Gerin Lotha The Defiant, known as ‘War Dwarf’ (Ecghete Dweorg) by the Saxons. Keeper of the Town of Wilton, Lord of the Hundred of Alderbury. Now retired from the adventuring life (485 AD to ???)
Sir Cirdan Lotha younger brother to Lord Gerin
Sir Carne Lotha a cousin to Lord Gerin



Sir Brychan Eurion, known as the Wolf-bane, hero of the Wash where in he slew the Fenrisget Champion Leofwine, the eponymous Hero in the Tale of Sir Brychan (485 AD to 490 AD – Disappeared in the woods pursuing his wife, father in law and a bear )

Returned to the court of Sarum in 497 AD after seven years lost in the wild wood



Sir Haeredoc the Red The Bastard of Newton Tony, Hero of Mearcred Creek (485 AD to 489 AD, driven mad at the battle of Dover and missing for the year, returned to sanity in 490 AD) Captured King Octa at the battle of Lincoln. Died in the battle of St Albans 495 AD

Sir Caddoc of Falt – a most Loyal knight of the Detourney clan



Sir Brennan Emrys Kellen Beloved of Epona, slain by a Saxon spear whilst Raiding the Saxon coastline, his body recovered by Sir Brychan (485 AD to 487 AD)
Sir Cynwrig Kellen younger brother to Sir Brennan Died in the battle of St Albans 495 AD

Sir Dolwyn Kellen (495 AD )


Sir Hector Primus died heroically at the battle of the Wash (485 to 487 AD)
Sir Gwynneth of Testside, slain attempting his bring his own renegade lord (Sir Herbert of Testside) to the Justice of the infant Earl Robert.
Sir Neys, knighted in 497 AD, having the great honour to be the first squire hospitalized by Sir Jarad during the knighting ceremoney


Sir Uaine Steward of Newton Tony, servant of the spirit of the Green Knight, Beloved Brother to Sir Haeredoc (485 to 487 AD)
Sir Eris Steward of Newton Tony, dispenser of popular justice (488 AD to 493 AD)



Sir Urcliffe Arilius the only good Arilius to ever live say some, taken too soon at battle of Mearcred Creek (485 AD)
Sir Saravinus Arilius The Shrike of Lincoln, Champion of Domnu, Lord of the Hundred of Branch & Dole. killed King Octa at the battle of St Albans. Slain in a duel with the Fenrisget Champion Saexwulf (486 AD 496 AD)
Sir Marcus Arilius Lord of Berwick St.James, known as ‘Goldie’ by the small folk, currently serving Bishop Rodger as a church knight as penance for the horrendous evils he has committed



Sir Alain de Chalons The Staunch. Lord of Wnterbourne Stoke. Legandary founder of the Knightly Order of Merlins Fall Died in the battle of St Albans (485AD to 495 AD)
Roland DeChalons, Lord of Wnterbourne Stoke. Taken to soon at the battle of St Albans (495 AD)
Sir Olivier DeChalons Lord of Wnterbourne Stoke. Less likable than his elder brothers Alain and Roland (495 AD to ???)



Sir Dylan Môrennill knighted in 496 AD and Raised to the title of Lord of the manor of Newton (496 AD to ???)

Ramsey 1


Sir Maddog of Ramsey Executed the renegade Sir Herbert of Testside in 497 AD. known for his unhealthy interest in Rhiannon, the priestess of Domnu. (496 AD to ???)


Sir Briant was knighted in 496 AD



Sir Sewyl was knighted in 497AD, the first man to be knighted by Sir Jarad. Bravely married to Lady Gwiona despite the dire warnings…

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