Bishop Rodger

Bishop of Salisbury


a burly man, in his late 40s but still strong

his booming voice carries equally well across the court, across the pews of the cathedral, and across the battlefield!

Battle = 16
Just = 16


After the death of Sir Ricus at St Albans, became Chamberlain to the infant earl of Salisbury in 495 AD

At the spring court of 496 AD Bishop Rodger was asked by Sir Saravinus Arilius to formally punish his brother for the vile acts that were committed the previous year. The Bishop promptly took Marcus into his custody and placed him into a cell at Amesbury Abbey until such a time as he would see the light of God.

Generally isn’t a fan of pagans.

Bishop Rodger has taken on the mantle of Chamberlin fr the young Earl Robbert until such time as he coems of age and selects his own Chamberlin

In 496 AD the goo dBishop was rewarded for his loyal service with the Hundred fo Branch and Dole. with his many other duties calling on his time, he has appointed Sir Marcus Arilius as his steward there.

Bishop Rodger

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