Duchess Ygraine

The Most Beautiful Woman in Britain


App = 32

Chaste = 19
Generous = 16
Merciful = 17

Loyalty (Gorlois): 18
Love (Family): 17
Love (Gorlois): 16
Hospitality: 16
Honor: 16

Con = 20
App = 32

Chirurgery = 17
Dancing = 24
Faerie Lore = 17


Lady Ygraine is the most beautiful woman in Britain, the cultured daughter of a petty lord of some little western island. She came ashore one day and the duke fell instantly in love with her. They have been together ever since, and their bond of affection is noted by everyone despite the difference in their ages. They have three young daughters.

Most of Ygraine’s Glory was gained when she married Gorlois. And she is known for her ability make potent potions which she uses to aid her lord and husband.

She always accompanied by her Servant Liaze.

Glory: 3,182

Duchess Ygraine

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