Earl Rodderick

Earl of Salisbury, Mid 30's, World Worn Face and Receding Hairline.


Glory: 6,044

Energetic = 19
Valorous = 20

Loyalty (Uther) = 21
Loyalty (Vassals) = 17
Hate (Saxons) = 17

DEX: 16
STR: 16
CON: 16

Awareness = 20
Battle = 19
Horsemanship = 18
Sword = 16
Lance= 21


Coat of Arms: Or, five bars (Azure)

Earl Roderick is the liege lord for all player knights. He’s an energetic lord, often bustling about the realm on business. All his knights are impressed with his battle leadership. His wife Ellen is a patient woman skilled in the women’s arts. They have one young son (Robbert, Born 484 AD) and heir , and an older daughter (The lady Jenna born in 476 AD)

The Earl unfortunately died during the mass poisoning that took place at St Albans in 495 AD

Earl Rodderick

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