Sir Cirdan Lotha


A giant amongst his family members, he is nonetheless still a handsome and hardy individual although less quick on his feet than his elder brethren. Besides his height, he is notable for his high cheekbones and soft voice. More often seen with his bow on his back clad in hunting leathers than with his full knightly sword and chain.

He bears the heraldry of Argent, four bends sinister (vert) with a per chevron of or, 5 bars (azure)


Unlike his brother, Gerin, he was not raised to be a knight and spent much time during his childhood with the manors huntsmen and groundskeepers learning the arts of hunting and archery. When he reached the age of 15 he nonetheless became a squire despite his non-knightly upbringing and begun his path onto knighthood. Following his tenure as a squire he became a bachelor knight living at his family’s manor. During his years under the command of his brother he participated in a number of campaigns and joined his family at the Earl’s court, but was always more at home hunting rabbits on the manors land or frolicking with the peasants than taking part in warfare or courtly matters.

He got married to lady Ceri, a niece of lord Emyr who has been a good family friend and neighbor for several years, at the beginning of spring 494 AD. The marriage itself took place at the opening celebration of Guinedoc bridge following which the newlyweds returned home to Stapleford.

He took command of the forces of Stapleford at the battle of St Albans in order to rescue his elder brother, but was knocked unconscious during the battle and command fell to Sir Carne Lotha for the remainder of the battle. He remained in the hospital after the battle and so avoided the mass poisonings that struck many of the knights and lords in the celebrations of St Albans.

Sir Cirdan Lotha

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