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  • Sir Xtianus

    On His Knighting day, was gifted with the family Blade of the Lords of Chalke by his father, Sir Ursal of Chalke. Died in the Battle of Mearcred Creek (485 AD).

  • Sir Hector Primus

    "Looks and acts somewhat like this... ":http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/brianblessed.jpg Fought bravely at the Battle of Mearcred Creek, but was taken prisoner by the enemy! Thankfully he was ransomed back to [[:earl-rodderick | Earl …

  • Sir Uaine

    Married in 486 AD Died heroically at the Battle of the Wash 487 AD

  • Sir Urcliffe Arilius

    The eldest of three brothers, Urcliffe Arilius was seen as a father figure for the other two and whilst the middle brother [[:sir-saravinus-arilius | Saravinus]] aspired to his example the youngest [[:sir-marcus-arilius | Marcus]] did not. Knighted in …

  • Leofwine Fenrisget

    A tough warrior with a keen axe and a ready laugh, Leofwine was finest fighter in the Fenrisget clans and he carried the Chalke-Spear as recognition of his service, and because it is an ideal weapon for the Champion of the clan. Killed in the naval …

  • Urtzi Fenrisget

    a young Fenrisget Captain killed on a secret mission through the lands of Salisbury. After completing several obscene rituals, including the notorious 'Blood Eagle'; he was defeated in single combat by the young knights …

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