Acknowledgement and Credits

I have been somewhat cavalier in my approach to copyright and so on for web styles and for this blog, if you see something that belongs to you and you want credit or don’t want me to use it; please don’t hesitate to contact me and I will make the required changes.

The following people and sites are thanked for their contributions to this campaign

Work on the campaign

Web Code

Art work and Images

where possible I have included images with the location where they came from in the name of the image (so if you right click on an image and open it in a new tab; you should see the original web address of any given image in the URL – as so many images on the web are not clearly identified as to who they originally belonged to, I trust this is credit enough for an amateur RPG campaign blog! Some images have been taken from sites that specifically ask for (or if the are pro-Artists who i think deserve it) the original artist gets a specific mention,and these are detailed here

  • Background and banner image adapted from Paradox interactive® concept/marketing art
  • Domnu – HR Geiger (I think this one is called ‘Dreads’)
  • in the History of Britain & Logres “The meeting of Vortigern and Rowena” is by William Hamilton and is taken from Wikipedia

Special mention must also go to Arbiter for his work on the look and feel of the site


  • exyfguitarist: O-Fortuna Excalibur Montage:

Stolen house rules

happily this is not the only gaming group to play this game/campaign, and i have freely stolen the good ideas of others when I come across them. here is a list of names and links of those who i can recall ripping off in this way – if you see a house rule you think is yours, let me know and i will add you to the list


  • Greg Stafford (2009): Greg Staffords Pendragon Page: online: Last updated (01/02/2009)
  • Wikipedia (2013):

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