Syagrius Guards

Syagrius’ Guards

Preator Syagrius is protected around the clock by his troop of loyal Hunnish Guardsmen. These bizarre foreign warriors caused quite a stir when they first visited the court of Sarum in 498 AD.

Hun_image2.jpgThese men are short of stature but very broad shouldered, with skin darker than tanned leather, and weirdly canted eyes that seem to be constantly squinting against the sun, even on the cloudiest of days. all of the men wear beards, though the growth of them is often patchy as every man of them has extensive scars, as though the cheeks have been repeatedly cut over the course of several years, building up frightening layers of scars.

Perhaps the strangest thing about them is their distorted heads – they do not have heads shaped like a normal human, but instead their heads are flattened and elongated backwards away from the face – when looking at them face to face, it makes them appear to have a very small head, but from the side the skull is obviously distended. the overall effect is quite unnerving

at all times they are armed with a sturdy short sword with an oddly curved blade. When on formal duty as guards to Preater, the are also armed with longer double edged swords, tiny shields (barely fit for the use of a child), and have their weirdly curved and bone decorated bows in hand. the quivers they carry are enormous and bulge with a ridiculous number of arrows .

their names are

  • Hormidac – Captain of all of the Preators forces (inlcuding the knights in his retinue!)
  • Mundiuch – He also has some status in the troop: All the Preators men address him as ‘Kam’ and he wears bone items on his armour as mark of his rank
  • Balamber
  • Balach
  • Uldin
  • Bleda
  • Dengizech
  • Chelchal – Chelchal is the youngest of the troop, and the only one to wear only a single feather in his hair or on his helmet (all the other Huns in this group wear two feathers in their hair and on their helmets). He also has the least number of scars on his face.

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Syagrius Guards

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