Amesbury Abbey

Amesbury Abbey

British Christian Abbey

The Abbey of St Mylor is fronted by the 18 feet high granite cross that marks his burial site. His silver hand and Bronze leg can be seen inside the Abbey by the pious.

The abbey has both monks and nuns here (in separate wings of course) and Bishop Rodger rules from here.

The Abbey is well known for holding a vast Library of 17 books, not all of which are christian texts… an expertise they need to combat the pagan (and older) forces that frequently appear in the winter from the direction of the Giants Dance

Other than the bishop himself, perhaps the most famous denizen of the Abbey is the former queen Ygraine. It is common knowledge she has withdrawn from the world, and taken holy orders.

Recently, since the Dowager Queens arrival, the Abbey has started to gather a reputation as a place of healing as well as spiritual learning.

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Amesbury Abbey

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