Berwick St James

Berwick St. James

Sir Marcus Arilius is now the Lord of this manor

The manorial home of the Arilius family; formerly belonged to the eldest of three brothers Urcliffe before his untimely death within a year of his knighting. The second brother Sir Saravinus has since taken charge of the manor upon his own knighting a year later and over the years has expanded the functionalities of the lands under his charge. Within the repertoire of improvements made the knight planted a sacred grove that has expanded into a significant place of worship for the pagan faith, an apiary to expand the range of goods that the serfs on the land produce. As the Lady Siani is a keen falconer Saravinus has had a mews built and stocked so that they may indulge each other’s favourite pastime since they are both keen hunters in their own right and a gazebo has also been built as a site where love may blossom, and where they can renew their vows. Saravinus has also acquired a sizeable number of new serfs to further expand the land and support those that already lived there, permanently increasing the income of the land.

When he was declared Lord of Branch & Dole, the Arilius family vacated the manor and Saravinus had moved his seat of power to Tilshead.

With his untimely death in 495 AD, the family have been forced back into reduced circumstances, and Sir Marcus has been given leave to take up the running of the family holding.


Sirena – Priestess of Donmu and keeper of the Sacred Grove
Rhiannon – Child Guardian of the Sacred Grove and Voice of Donmu


Sacred Grove to Donmnu
Grave within the Grove, Now occupied by a child of one of Domnu’s Priestesses.
Small Temple to Donmu

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Berwick St James

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