A.k.a. Creudylad, The Maiden Goddess

The Maiden, or Young Goddess of Springtime, is the carrier of new life to the world. She is the flower goddess, often called simply Wife or Bride, who carries the light of life within her. She is sometimes a treacherous temptress. Known as Flora in the Roman Pantheon, and is arguably the same Goddess the Saxons worship as Eostre

She often weeps as she walks through the autumn forrest, mourning the annual death of the world. But once spring arrives she dances through the trees leaving daffodils and other early flowers in her footsteps. She brings new life, acting as a midwife to wildlife and women, especially those who give birth in spring or summer.

When men see her, or her chosen favourite they are filled with burning desire, and the unions often bear children, however the stories go that the child is either born as an animal or a human, but with the mind of the other. When the child is born an animal it is usually a foal, a fawn or wolf cub, and has the mind of a human, with great intelligence but plenty of sadness and frustration that they will never find love, or raise children of their own. Either that, or it is born as a normal child with the mind of an animal, destined never to learn to speak or understand why it is different from the others, attacking other children and walking on all fours, they are usually cast out or exposed.

These tragedies usually live alone in forrest, or become the familiars of witches; who are often the only ones understanding enough to care for Blodeuwedd’s children of passion


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