Branch and Dole

Branch and Dole

Bishop Rodger is now Lord of this Hundred

Sir Amig was Lord of this hundred until his death at Tintagel in 491 AD. he was succeeded by Sir Saravinus Arilius breifly in 493 AD, who in turn died fighting a duel with a Saxon noble in the newly created kingdom of Wessex.

For three years there was no Castalian of Tilshead and the hundred lacked leadership until 496 AD when the good Bishop was awarded control of the Hundred

These lands have recently gained great renown thanks to devotion of its denizens that have created a new sacred grove to Domnu at Berwick St. James. It is not certain what the new Lord-Bishop thinks of this pagan shrine.

Sir Olivier De Chalons and Sir Saravinus Arilius are Knights of this hundred; Sir Alain de Chalons was also a Knight of Branch and Dole until his untimely death during the Great Charge of St Albans. Sir Tomas was a Knight of the hundred before he swore fealty to the Roman Bishop of London; Bishop Dubricus.

Branch & Dole takes it Historic authority from the ancient ‘White Barrow’ at the head of the river Till; known as Tilshead.

Branch includes all the lands in Sherrington, Stockton, Fisherton Anger, Fugglestone, Little Langford, and South Newton, and Burcombe.

Dole includes all the lands in Shrewton, Rollestone, Berwick St. James, Winterbourne Stoke parishes; Gore (Market Lavington) and of course Tilshead.

Stapleford, which has always been in disputes over its exact location within the hundreds, was formerly a part of Branch until Sir Gerin became the Steward of Alderbury, at which point Stapleford officially became a part of the Hundred of Alderbury.

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Branch and Dole

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