An officer of the court

The Butler is in charge of the ‘Buttery’ for his lord. the Buttery contains the ‘buts’ or large wooden barrels of ale and wine, as well as any other food-stuffs that benefit from a stable, cool, dark environment when it comes to storage.

For a minor Knight, this duty is often carried out by his wife or steward. As the size a of knights holdings increase, managing this resource becomes more and more of a full time job. So a butler will often be appointed. In some cases a non-noble family member or liege man will be appointed.

For those high powered Lords with many large holdings (and the huge value associated with purchasing and maintaining such vast quantities of stored food and drink…) , the honor of Butler is reserved for noble knights only. To be named butler to an Earl, Duke or King is a public sign of trust, and a position of great wealth and influence.

Sir Brastias was both the kings champion, and also his Butler until King Uther’s death in 495 AD.

Meanwhile, Sir Edrus of Ludgerhall is the Butler for the Earls of Salisbury.

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