Chalkes Men at Arms

The Heroic Men At Arms

These stout lineage men, Freemen and Serfs of Chalke served loyally and achieved an uncommon degree of fame (perhaps that be notoriety) serving their lord during his most famous adventure so far

Rand – scar faced, half a hand – cook – murderer – sycophant in chief to sir B
Petyr – enormous, and very short tempered – not the best combination ever (ask Myle)
Myle – pretty boy, talentless singer, hair thief, very punchable
Issa – quietly competent
Daffyd – fearless and always the first to charge into battle, not too bright
Bain – enormous, pig tailed
Adeon – an oversexed monster, with unjustified confidence in his ability as a medic
Pump Eurion-Gulpa – A lineage man of the noble house Eurion (on Sir Bs Grandfathers Brothers wifes side of the family), whos dignity and honour reflect on the house Eurion
Semond- formidable fighter, curious about the arcane, refers to himself as ‘the greased pig’.

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Chalkes Men at Arms

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