Queen of the Deep, Mother of Demons

Goddess of deep and flowing water, she is also the goddess of uncontrollable emotions and passions.

Few still worship her, though there are loathsome things in the far west that remember her, and call her mother. She still rides with the hunt on the odd occasions, especially when they hunt at sea. Some say she appears to mortals as a young woman, others say she does not look human at all. She is terrifying in her beauty and magnificence.

The Arilius Family were introduced to her worship and have built a shrine-pool to her on their lands, much to the disgust of Bishop Rodger

The Ramsey Family also began their worship of her, and Sir Maddog believes he has been chosen for something special.

I am Domnu the spirit that moves in the abyss beyond time,
My face is desire, my eyes sees all, my pain is loneliness, and my womb give birth to all,
And my breast will feed the voided,
For I am Domnu mother and bringer of life and bringer of death renewed,
I am the eye that sees, I am the heart that compels, and the tongue that speaks,
‘Now my children’ called Domnu ‘We will spread our thoughts out into the abyss,
for in the abyss lays the darkness that was called the Famoiri
And its depth is not a thing to be grasped by ordinary knowledge and intellect.’

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