Deep Ones, Children of Domnu

Famoiri are the children of Domnu, Balor was a Famoiri warlord who aided king Bress in his attempts to conquer Ireland. But Balor and his Famoiri army were defeated by Lugh of the Long Arm the Celtic-pagan equivalent of Mercury or Apollo or perhaps Mythras , who closed Balors cursed eye with a sling stone. the remnants of the Famoiri forces fled back to the sea, where they live to this day.

King Elatha rules them, and Prince Elathagann is the herald of the deep ones, as the Famoiri are sometimes known…

Few have been seen by mortals. Their reports have been somewhat varied, as they have to be drawn out of gibbering wrecks or wide eyed mutes. Indisputably, the Famoiri have teeth. Plenty of large teeth. Some stories tell of them looking like scaled men with webbed hands and feet. Others swear that the Famoiri are cursed never to set foot on dry land again and have had their legs and head replaced with an eel’s. Some say they are one and the same as mermaids and mermen, luring sailors to their deaths. Others believe that Famoiri are each individual and unique, taking on aspects of water dwelling animals to suit their own needs.

One thing unites these theories though, and that is when a Famoiri reveals itself, it is terrifying to look upon.

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