The Fenrisget

Fenrisget Clan

An elite unit of Saxon beserks. They mostly come from the same clan, and so Fenrisget can be both a family name, and refer to the wider brotherhood.

They are renowned for their use of blood magics, and are easily identified by the wolf skins they drape across their shoulders.

Fenrisget family

The Fenrisget family members are most often recognised on the battle field by the chanting of their battle song and the ninefold wolf tail banners that accompany them.

Fenrisget war chant

Deyr fé,
Cattle die

deyja frændr,
kinsmen die,

deyr sjálfr et sama;
you yourself die;

ek veit einn,
I know one thing

at aldri deyr:
which never dies:

dómr um dauðan hvern.
the judgment of a dead man’s life

The leader of both clan and family is Tosti Fenrisget. His uncle Leofwine Fenrisget was slain at the battle of the Wash bySir Brychan Eurion in 487 AD.

as of 496 AD the Fenrisget now have a new champion in the lanky shape of Saexwulf Fenrisget, who is is rapidly making himself known to the people of Britain after he butchered Sir Saravinus Arilius in a duel at the court of King Cerdic.

There are rumors of dark sorcery practiced by their most senior members…. on several occasions now the knights of Salisbury have encountered evidence of this; either through the vile rituals of the ‘Blood Eagle’ or through the less obvious uses of the obscene ‘Irmenenshaft’.

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