The Franks

There are many Germanic tribes that are part of the greater Frankish Confederacy. Recently the most successful are the Merovingian tribe, who conquered the region of Gaul under King Clovis in 495 AD.

In no small part the success of these Merovingian Franks is due to the fanatics of the Lombard clan, and their use of the fearsome ‘Great Axe’: A two handed monstrosity that can pull a knight from his horse with ease.

The ruling Roman family of what is now Frankish Gaul was headed by Preator Syagrius. He had attempted to reclaim his lands from the North Men for a years campaign. But successive defeats have reduced him to the point where he, and what few men he has left to follow him, are no more than a band of rootless mercenaries who will fight for anyone who will pay them. in 498 AD the Preator and his warrior offered their service to Sarum, but left in disgust when that court bent the knee and swore fealty to the Saxon invaders!

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