The Irish

This far western land has only had the light of Christianity brought to it since ~431 AD when Palldius was declared the first Bishop of Ireland by Rome

The blessed Patrick now ruled the Roman Christians there until his death in 493 AD.

The larger political scene is dominated by two factions – the native Cruthin (picts) , and the Lochlann (Scotti). There are around 20 petty kingdoms and Chieftains dotting the landscape between them: And they change their allegiance with alarming regularity.

The Western kingdoms of Logress, such as Estragales and Norgales, are regularly beset by Irish Raiders, with the ‘Black Shields’ often being regarded as the worst of them. though it said they will fight for anyone who pays them, and have even fought against their own Irish kindred defending the Gales of west Logres before now, if the price is right.

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