Lady Aerona

Lady Aerona

The continuing fable of Staplefords guardian maiden

This is the lost true tale
Of the armoured lady of stapleford
Steel in hand and iron at heart
She needed duels fit for a lord
leaving the lovely vale

Arriving at the kings court
Holding duels by shield and sword
“Sir Aerona is my name!”
The woman said to the lord
Showing her face as she fought

Ladies should not duel knights
Returning home again to be bored
Waiting for an adventure
Guardian spirit with land to lord
She recovers from her slights

Hearing of war in Cornwall
The glory of battle struck a chord
Chain glistening in the sun
Tintagel losing it’s lord
She watched the nobles fall

Aerona’s bloodlust now gone
Her returned memories of when she toured
Lead her to friends old and new
Hiding from the one Christian Lord
Searching with love for the one

Hair blazing against the sky
Through deceit trying to tie the cord
Posing as a de Chalons
She was not a sister of the lord
They banish her for her lie

Imprisoned within cold walls
Gazing with nuns at doors barred and broad
Waiting for a knight to help
To remove the chains of the holy lord
Enraged he answered her calls

Free to protect her young kin
At court she aided friends of the ford
Raven hair and crimson eyes
Passionate times to declare a lord
Then she was accused of sin

Fleeing the church to Winterbourne
Eloping to escape from the horde
The faithful ambush the altar
Throat was slit in the name of the lord
So she returns home forlorn

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Lady Aerona

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