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Sir Ahern – known as ‘Lord of the Horses’ – was the first Kellen to be knighted for services to the King. Sir Ahern created his own new heraldry – a white horse (to honour his own nickname and for the Goddess Epona to whom his family has always worshipped) on the Salisbury colours of gold and blue as Salisbury was his Leige Lord. It was a great honour for the Kellen family and so started the new Kellen family tree with Sir Ahern as the patriarch.

Sir Ahern’s first born son, Sir Aeden, continued to use his father’s heraldry. His second son, Sir Weylyn, upon being knighted chose to have two horses on his haraldry to symbolise he was the second son, and so his third son, Sir Zephon, continued this pattern and chose three horses on his heraldry.

This created somewhat of a tradition amongst the knighted men of the Kellen family. The first born son of the first born son, Sir Brennan Emrys Kellen, now sadly deceased after a run in with the devilish Saxons, kept the heraldry of his father and grandfather. However, his younger brother, Sir Cynwrig, not wanting to take his uncle’s heraldry, decided to depict the two horses differently.

These are so far the only knighted men of the Kellen family but there are younger brothers and cousins ready and waiting for their turn at Knighthood.

Sir Cynwrig Kellen has two younger brothers; Dolwyn and Eremon. Sir Weylyn had two sons – cousins to Sir Cynwrig – Arlyn and Bevan, and Sir Zephon had one son, Aiden. Sir Ahern also had a daughter, who through a marriage to an unknighted merchantman, produced a son – Ardal. As his father was a drunkard and a fool and died in a brothel not long after he was born, Ardal has chosen to ignore his father’s family name and keep the honourable Kellen family name of his mother.

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