Originaly the western most holding of Duke Ulfius of Silchester. Whilst the good Duke and Earl Rodderick were firm friends, Sir Gadwick the steward of Levcomagus is another story.

It is well known that Sir Gadwick and Lady Ellen had some sort of history together (the good lady originating from distant holdings in Silchester).

Whatever the history may be, the impact on the the daily life of Salisbury is urgent and immediate. Many people fear the ‘Leaping Trout’ banners of Levcomagus more than they do the war horns of the Saxons. Cattle raids, abductions and murders across the border are a common event.

Sir Cecily deDepeden and Sir Awli ApTubber used to be the Knights who are at the forefront of these raids.

Recently Sir Cecily has offered his youngest son as page to Sir Tomas of Dinton, some say as a gesture of reconciliation, others say as a means to embed more spies within Salisbury.

After several years of raids against his lands, Sir Awli, angered by these actions, was drawn into a battle with Sir Saravinus Arilius where he was felled by sheer weight of numbers, after having been refused single combat by his ever prudent opponent. Sir Herbert of Testside promptly moved into West Titherly and claimed the manor for Salisbury, immediately fortifying it against retaliation.

As of 490 AD, Sir Cecily has been made the Steward of Levcomagus on the direct orders of Queen Ygraine. This came about just before the Battle at St Albans, when the great armies were marching through Silchester’s lands, Sir Jaraden challenged Sir Gadwick to a duel and cut the former Steward down in one stroke whilst simultaneously dishonoring Sir Gadwick’s family from holding any lands again.

An agreement is in place to return the lands of west Tytherly, along with additional taxation rights on those crossing the river to the new Steward of Levcomagus. There were two major stumbling blocks to this agreement being fulfilled; but they are both now rotting in a grave.

It remains to be seen if the agreement will be hold force in light of the recent death of Sir Herbert of Testside

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