Lugh of the Long Arm


Lugh is a Pagan Sun God, (indeed the phoneme ‘Lu’ is the root of the word ‘light’ in many languages) with oversight of all skills and arts; this of course includes counting him as the as the ultimate marital artist.

he is often paired with Meurcury in the Roman Pantheon, but the similarities between Lugh, Mithras, Apollo, and Perseus have also been noted and from time to time schisms have occurred as to where exactly Lugh belongs in the roman system.

Sacred Symbols of Lugh

His spear (that must be rested point first in a bucket of blood mixed with poppy seeds to prevent it attacking those nearby)
Hi sling and Sling Stones
His Sword ‘Fragarach’ (‘The Answer’)
His horse Enbarr (That can run on water as easily as on land)
His hound Failinis (That can out run anything, never loses a battle and can turn water into wine)
His Boat ‘Sguaba Tuinne’ (‘Wave Sweeper’)


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