Malahaut is the name for the three ridings that make up the one of the kingdoms to the north in the area known as Cumbria. it is the traditional center of power for the Brigantees clan, and was the Roman region known as Britannia Secunda.

Coelestius was eleceted leader of battles in opostion to Vortigern when he was abusing his role as king, and is remebered to this day as King Coel Hen (Old King Cole). his Grand son King Heraut now rules here


Aldborough: City on the Ouse River, about a half-day travel (10 miles) north from Eburacum. It was once called Isurium Brigantum, and was the capital city of the Brigantes, the most powerful of the pre-Roman tribes. It remained the tribal capital during Roman times, though nearby Eburacum outstripped it for size and wealth.

Brimham Rocks: A Pagan holy center, including a Wishing Stone. Put your right fingers into the hole, make a wish! It also includes Rocking Stone, which can be moved only by an honest man, and also the Lover’s Rocks.

[[Devil’s Arrows]]: Huge standing stones near Aldborough, which were thrown at the city by a devil.

Eburacum is the second largest city in Britain. It is where the Ouse River opens into the Humber (?), and at the highest point that seagoing ships can navigate.

Humber: A long estuary connecting the Ouse and other Rivers to the sea. It is deep, wide and navigable by sea-going ships all the way up to Eburacum, and has a notable tidal surge detectable all the way upriver to Eburacum.

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